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Carr & Co Annual Sundowner

Sep 17, 2023

Carr & Co

The firm hosted its Annual Sundowner on Friday 25 August 2023 at the Claremont Hotel.  Amongst the guests were barristers, mediators, accountants, financial planners and other solicitors.  Being able to create and maintain relationships with the professionals we work with daily is so important to the team as it assists us in obtaining the best outcomes for our clients.  We thoroughly enjoy our sundowner events and the ability to socialise and relax with our referral partners and undertaking collaborations outside of the boardroom.

Carr & Co Celebrations

On 4 August 2023, graduate lawyer Abbey Ross was admitted to practice.  Director, Nicole Croft moved Abbey’s admission, formally marking her entrance into the legal profession and the roll of practitioners.  Abbey started with the firm as a legal secretary whilst she was completing her degree.  Upon the conclusion of her degree, she moved into the position of law clerk and now, admitted solicitor.  Abbey is a much-loved member of the team, her bubbly personality and empathy make her a firm favourite with clients and staff alike.  We’re looking forward to celebrating a long and prosperous career with Abbey.

The last few months have seen a flurry of anniversaries and celebrations in the Carr & Co office.  Associate, Caragh Morgan celebrated two years with the firm after returning to Perth from Brisbane.  Senior Associate, Maree Valentine also celebrated her one-year anniversary.  Like Caragh, Maree returned to work in Perth after a period of absence.  Maree and her family were located in Texas for a number of years before they returned, and she joint our team.

Director, Stacey Wellings celebrated her 14-year anniversary with Carr & Co on 24 August 2023.  Stacey started her career with the firm as an outside clerk, quickly moving her way through the ranks to becoming a solicitor and ultimately a director.  It has been a pleasure being part of Stacey’s career progression and growth and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 14 years will bring.


As many of you know, R U Ok day was on 14 September 2023.  The firm held a morning tea as part of an opportunity to allow our staff to take some time out of their day to come together and touch base with one another.  Family law is a very challenging area which often has a negative impact on those undergoing the separation and often, also on those assisting them. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please reach out to your doctor, family & friends.  Support is also available from a number of services such as:


Our lawyer, Jacqueline Gilchrist has recently published an article regarding placing a dollar value on family violence. To read more about Jacqueline’s article, [click here]

Interim Proceedings – Parenting and Property – The husband, who was represented by Consultant, Ms Hayley Ellison instructing Ms Rachel Milton of Counsel, sought a reversal of residence for the children, sole use and occupation of the former matrimonial home and costs against the wife. The husband was successful in his applications. The children were returned to his care and the wife’s time with the children being supervised by a professional agency to prevent them from being at risk of emotional and psychological harm in the care of the wife. The Court accepted that the husband needed to return to the former matrimonial home to continue to run his business from there and as he is solely for all expenses in relation to same.  It was also accepted that orders needed to be made restraining the wife by injunction in relation to her conduct, to compel the provision of disclosure and to progress the matter which the wife had attempted to delay through her conduct. The husband was also successful in his application for a costs order being made against the wife.

Complex Financial Matter – Final Orders For Property Settlement Made By Consent –Proceedings had been ongoing in the Family Court of Western Australia with respect to the parties’ significant asset pool. The Respondent sold the parties’ shares in a company, without the Applicant’s knowledge or consent.  Ms Stacey Wellings, Director, supported by Ms Valentine, Senior Associate, was successful in obtaining urgent injunctions preventing the Respondent from dealing with the significant sale proceeds of some $50M. The parties managed to resolve matters pertaining to child support, spousal maintenance and property settlement by consent.  Very detailed and considered consent orders were drafted in conjunction with financial advisors, accountants and specialist tax lawyers, in contemplation of the complex and tax effective arrangements required to distribute the significant funds to the parties.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing or contemplating a relationship breakdown and want some family law advice, please feel free to refer them to our team on 08 9322 8000 or by email on contactus@carrco.com.au

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