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Preparing for Conciliation Conferences, Child Related Proceedings and Case Assessment Conferences

Jun 28, 2021

Carr & Co

Three videos have been produced by the Family Court of Western Australia to provide parties with the necessary information required to prepare for Conciliation Conferences, Child Related Proceedings and Case Assessment Conferences. The videos outline the purpose of each court event, the parties’ rights and responsibilities, the relevant documents and essential information that will be required, how the conference or hearing will run on the day, and the next steps following each court event.

Conciliation Conferences are for parties involved in proceedings where financial orders are sought. Conciliation Conferences normally run for one hour and are conducted by a Registrar, who attempts to help the parties solve their dispute. Conciliation Conferences are a necessary step in the process, and both parties must attend and be prepared with the appropriate documents to ensure they can genuinely attempt to settle the matter.

Child Related Proceedings and Case Assessment Conferences are the relevant court events for parties to parenting proceedings. The Child Related Proceedings video below provides an outline of court proceedings in children’s matters from the initiating application through until the procedural hearing. One of the steps in such proceedings is to attend a Case Assessment Conference, where both parties meet individually with a Family Consultant to identify risks, consider solutions, and narrow the issues in dispute. If appropriate, the Family Consultant may speak to both parties together. The Family Consultant will then provide a case assessment report to the Court for consideration at the next hearing.

Video 1 – An Introduction to a Conciliation Conference
Video 2 – An Introduction to Child Related Proceedings
Video 3 – An Introduction to a Case Assessment Conference

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