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Parenting / Custody matters – What your Divorce Lawyer will need

Nov 9, 2015

Carr & Co

child related matters

child related mattersYou have made an appointment to see a family lawyer. You may be wondering, what should I bring to my appointment and what information will my family lawyer need?

Below is some information and documentation that you may wish to collate in advance of your first appointment with your family lawyer.

If you don’t know or have access to the documents/information set out below, there is no need for concern, your family lawyer will be able to assist you.

You should write down the following information

  • When you and the other party commenced living together
  • When you married (if applicable)
  • When you separated and if more than once, the periods of any separations
  • When you divorced (if applicable)


You should bring the following documents if you have them

  • Your marriage certificate and a translation if your marriage certificate is in a language other than English (if available)
  • Your children’s birth certificates
  • If you have attended Family Dispute Resolution with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, a copy of any Family Dispute Resolution Certificate which has been issued to you
  • Any parenting plan or Family Court orders you have entered into with the other party setting out the care arrangements for your children
  • Any child support agreement you have entered into with the other party
  • Any current child support assessment that you have received from the Department of Human Services (the Child Support Agency)
  • Correspondence you have received from the other party or their lawyer
  • Any court documents you have received from the other party or their lawyer
  • If court proceedings are pending, a copy of all court documents filed in the proceedings, any court orders made and the details of any future court dates
  • Any violence restraining orders protecting you or the other party (or any other members of your family)